XL bully Kimbo’s breeder claims people ‘inject his offspring with steroids’

The breeder of the beast responsible for at least that half of the UK's XL bully dogs has claimed that the canine only get big and angry when people inject them with "steroids".

Kimbo has legendary status within the XL bully breeding community and is the product of generations of inbred fighting dogs. His parents are themselves siblings.

The beast is thought to have produced hundreds of puppies and his descendants have reportedly been responsible for a number of dog attacks.

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Campaign group BullyWatch say there have been at least 10 incidents worldwide involving Kimbo's relatives.

However, his breeder Gustavo Castro said Kimbo was a “gentle giant” and claimed its people stuffing dogs full of steroids that creates the problem.

He told the Sun: “Kimbo’s offspring are all over the world now and it’s getting really big to have a big dog.

“Some people when they get my dogs they start injecting them with steroids and other stuff that they’re not supposed to, to get them big.

“All that stuff has side effects. You’re not going to get a normal dog, the dog’s going to be different.

“My dogs are naturally big. Puppies take more from the mother’s genes anyway. If the mothers are aggressive it isn’t necessarily Kimbo’s fault.

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“I haven’t had any problems with Kimbo’s offspring either."

He added that Kimbo has between 500 and 600 offspring all over the world.

Speaking about the UK's ban on the breed after a spate of attacks, Mr Castro said he was against the move.

He said: “Kimbo grew up with my six daughters and they would kiss and hug him.

“They had a really good bond with him. He was a gentle giant and he didn’t bite anyone.”

The dog that killed Wrexham lorry driver Keven Jones, 65, last year was related to Kimbo both maternally and paternally, according to The Telegraph.

The publication also reported that the deaths of four-year-old Mia Derouen in Louisiana in 2014 and an 82-year-old woman in Oklahoma in 2017 are believed to have been caused by dogs related to Kimbo.

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