Yob stabbed 70-year-old pet tortoise in the shell and face in drunken attack

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    A sick thug has avoided jail despite breaking into a preschool and stabbing a pet tortoise with a wooden post.

    George Robles has been ordered to attend a mental health facility and barred from owning animals for 10 years after the sick attack.

    It took place at the Play 'n' Learn Preschool in East San Jose, US, in January 2021.

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    He spent most of the last two years in a cell at the Santa Clara County Jail for the attack on the tortoise named Michelangelo.

    The animal is a rare African Sulcata, and has been nursed back to health over the last year or so.

    Judge Robert Hawk said: “He’s got a lot better chance there and the community has a better chance there, than to send him to state prison.

    “There is no threat of this reoccurring, this was a very unique circumstance where Mr. Robles was extremely inebriated, and thought the turtle was something else.”

    According the Mercury News, a San Jose police investigation claimed he was spotted by a neighbour of the preschool “yelling and throwing things” in the playground, so called emergency services.

    When the owner of the school arrived, she found the tortoise bleeding with a six-inch shard from a wooden gate post impaled into the shell.

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    She also found a rake handled wedged between its head and leg, which she managed to pull out.

    Shockingly, the sick bloke found a lamp from a flood light and shattered the glass all over the poor animal's back.

    He was taken to a nearby vets for emergency care.

    Two days later, the bloke returned to the school and stole electronics and damaged the building – all while drunk or on drugs.

    Robles was linked to two other robberies and has now been banned from going anywhere near the preschool, and has also been banned from being in possession of any form of drugs or alcohol for life.

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