You p*** off, Emmanuel! Macron on brink of election drubbing after jibe at unvaccinated

Nigel Farage says Macron is a ‘ghastly little man’

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The French President recently admitted that his Covid “strategy” was to “p*** off” those who, for varying personal reasons, had not been vaccinated against Covid. He has now been warned that this approach will push French voters to “p*** on” his chances of keeping hold of power in upcoming presidential elections.

Mr Macron told newspaper Le Parisien: “As for the non-vaccinated, I really want to p*** them off.

“And we will continue to do this, to the end. This is the strategy.”

He denied that he intended to “p*** off” any other French people.

But numerous leading French MEPs have slammed Mr Macron for doing just this during his whole time in office.

They added that he will be forced to “answer” for this at the next election.

Nicolas Bay, the Vice-President of the Identity and Democracy group in the European Parliament, wrote on Twitter: “Emmanuel Macron has been p*g off the French people for four and a half years now, in all areas.

“He arouses an extremely deep exasperation and anger.

“He will have to answer for it next April.”

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Manon Aubry, President of the Left Group in the European Parliament, added: “‘P*** off’, ‘worthless’, ‘lazy’… Macron has spent five years insulting the French!

“It’s time to end it!”

The President’s announcement came amid the emergence of the Omicron Covid variant, which is so far understood to spread more quickly but to be less severe than previous strains.

Mr Bay said that his “strategy” was not merely rude but unjustifiable.

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He highlighted: “Even if that 10 percent of non-vaccinated people gets the jab, life will not change because the vaccine doesn’t stop infections.”

He stressed that “I’m not against the vaccine”, but highlighted: “Even with a 100 percent vaccination rate, we will continue to have cases.

“The Government wants to blame the non-vaccinated for the pandemic and that is both useless and wrong.”

Recent polling suggests Mr Macron will win re-election in April, although his recent jibe is likely to unsettle many otherwise supporters.

A study by a sociologist from Inserm, discussed in Public Sénat, revealed that only two-thirds of unvaccinated people in France “reject the vaccine outright”.

Some, Jeremy Ward found, had not been vaccinated due to difficulty of access.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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