Young woman dies ‘instantly’ as tiger attacks and mauls her neck at safari park

A young woman working at a safari park has died after a tiger launched an attack and mauled her neck.

The woman, who has not been identified by police, was among staff cleaning and performing maintenance work.

She had been working in the big cats' enclosure of the Chilean safari park, based in the city of Rancagua, around 60 miles south of the capital of Santiago.

Visitors drive through the safari event, where animals are allowed to move freely.

However, when staff are working in the area the animals are confined in their enclosures.

Police have said the woman died "on the spot".

The worker had died after suffering wounds to her neck after the tiger attack, authorities added.

When she entered the enclosure she hadn't realised the door of the cage was open.

She was then immediately attacked by the tiger and died almost instantly.

Williams Espinoza of the Rancagua police said: "She did not realize that the door of the animal's cage was open and was immediately attacked by this tiger, causing her death on the spot."

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The safari park was closed while police attended the scene and investigated her death.

Jorge Mena, from the regional public prosecutor's office, said they would investigate whether there is possible third-party culpability following the tragic incident.

The condition of the tiger is not known.

It comes after a zookeeper was mauled to death by a Siberian tiger after the electric fence was switched off.

The experienced worker was killed after the big cat scaled a 12-foot fence when it was turned off for repairs.

David Solomon, who worked at Seaview Predator Park, was in the passageway between the two tiger enclosures when Jasper the tiger got out and mauled him.

Tragically, he tried to climb the fence of a different enclosure in a bid to escape the attack but was pulled off.

Mr Solomon died of a broken neck, although reports initially claimed he had died from being bitten by Jasper.

The tiger then jumped the exterior fence to the next enclosure which is home to two other Siberian Tigers, Judah and Amber, before a fight broke out between Judah and Jasper.

Judah was killed as Jasper wanted the attention of Amber.

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